Class Expectations
1. Behaviour expectations - Respect:
a. Group – Respect everyone’s right to learn. Talking is an important part of learning English and we will do plenty of it, but it must be constructive. Socializing that is irrelevant to the subject matter is unacceptable. Being tardy or failing to bring supplies to class is likewise disruptive and will have academic and disciplinary consequences.
b. Language – It is extremely important to speak English at all times in class. Speaking even a little bit of Spanish prevents you from thinking in English and interferes with everyone’s learning.
c. School – Respect the school’s property. Food and drinks are not allowed in the class room with the exception of water, which you are encouraged to bring. Writing on, or damaging school textbooks in any way will result in a detention. Do not write on desks or leave trash behind. We are all lucky to be here.
d. Self – You owe it to yourself to make the best of your education. Be attentive, turn in assignments on time, and always strive to improve yourself.
e. Teacher – I am here to help you learn and I will try my best to make the experience useful and fun. I will also work very hard to respect you. I expect the same in return.

2. Policy for assignments
· All students are expected to do all work and hand it in on time. You are responsible for your success or failure. Do not leave all of the assignments to the end of the semester and expect to pass. You won’t.
· An assignment handed in late will have 20% deducted per day, to a maximum of 50%. Assignments not turned in because of an unexcused absence will automatically receive a zero.
·If you hand in an assignment on time, but despite your best efforts, you don’t get a passing grade (less than 60%), you may do an alternative assignment at the teacher’s discretion during make-up time.

· Reinforcement: Monday from 3:15 to 4:30. This is an extra class with the same rules as any other. You must work diligently and quietly in the class without disrupting other students. This is also a time where I will be available for extra help. If you have trouble with any assignments or materials for study, attend reinforcement and get extra help. You will not get an opportunity for recuperation if you don't come to reinforcement first.
· Ensure your first and last name and your class is written on every assignment you hand in. Please double-space your writing on all assignments. Please use a blue or black pen, or a dark pencil.
- If you miss class for a valid reason, once you return, you will have the same number of days to complete any missing work as days you were away. For example, if an assignment is given Monday that is due Wednesday and you are sick Monday and Tuesday, you will have to hand it in on Friday for it to count as on-time.
- If you miss class, I will not remind you about what we did and what work you need to complete. First you must check the Wiki and see what is there, then if you still have questions or you are confused about what to do, I will be happy to see you outside of class time and help you with whatever you need. If you miss class and don't bother to do the work you missed, you will receive a zero.

Copying and Plagiarism. If a student hands in work that appears to be copied, they will be asked to answer oral questions by to determine their understanding of the assignment. Students who can not demonstrate that they understand their own work will receive a zero.

If a student is found in possession of another student's assignment, BOTH the student who has the assignment, and the student who did the original assignment will receive a zero for it. Students caught with electronic copies of other students work on digital devices will have the same consequence. All students are responsible for ensuring their work is not used by others. If your binder is lost or stolen and you think that your work may be being used by others, report the loss immediately to Mr. Loaiza in the office.

Having another student's work itself means that you will receive a zero. If your answers have been changed sufficiently that they don't look like the other student's answers, it will still be considered plagiarism.

3. Tests
For some tests and exams, students may be allowed to use dictionaries, notes, handouts, etc. I will tell you exactly what you are allowed to use before the exam starts. Be sure that you do not have any disallowed materials in the exam or you will receive a zero. If you are allowed to bring in notes, they must be the notes that you yourself completed in class and they must have your name clearly written at the top of the page. If a student is caught with another students notes, both the student using the notes and the student who lent the notes will receive the same consequence. During exams, students must work quietly without disturbing others and must focus on their own work.

Marks will be deducted from your test for doing any of the following things.
  • Speaking without first raising a hand and receiving permission
  • Making a deliberate disruption
  • Passing materials between students (eg. eraser, scrap paper, pencil sharpener, etc.)
  • Communicating with another student in any way
  • Using an electronic device (it will also be confiscated)
  • Looking away from your own paper

Missed Tests
You may write tests that you miss for a valid reason, but you must bring a note and come to do the test as soon as possible during recuperation. The number of days you are away is the same number of days you have to see me and complete the test. If the other students have already received the test back with the answers, you will do a different recuperation test that will be based on written and essay questions.

It is the student’s responsibility to come and see me to arrange to make up tests. I will not remind you. If you do not see me after class within the time given to you, you will receive a zero. Check the wiki every time you miss class. If there was a test it will be on the Class Agenda. Saying "I didn't know there was a test when I was away" is not a valid excuse.

4. Wiki
· Assignments will be posted on the Wiki page every week. If you are away for a valid reason, or have simply forgotten what the assignment is, see the Wiki page. This will tell you what we did in class, what assignments were given and when they are due, and any upcoming tests.

· Grades will also be posted on the Wiki once per week.

5. Materials
Every day you are expected to bring:
- A three-ring binder with loose-leaf paper and dividers to write in and to keep handouts.
- Blue / black pens or a dark pencil
- Your textbook or novel (if one has been assigned to you)

Binder Organisation: The following dividers in your English Binder are recommended.

Reading: for class notes on literary analysis skills, worksheets, completed questions and homework assignmnents
Writing: for class notes on writing, outlines, stories, essays, speeches, and writing assignments handed back.
Vocabulary: for vocabulary exercises, lists of words (some of them can be removed from the Interactive reader
Grammar + Conventions: for grammar notes, worksheets and handouts.

6. Textbooks
Each student will be assigned a Holt Literature and Language Textbook at the beginning of the year. The textbooks are numbered and their condition is assessed before you receive it. You are expected to return your textbook (the same number) in the same condition that you received it, within reason.

If you do not want to carry your textbook to class every day, there will be a shelf where you can leave it in the class. However, you do this at your own risk, if other students use your textbook, or if it is lost when you are not there, you are still responsible. I strongly recommend that you keep your textbook locked in your locker as thefts have happened before and the book is very expensive.

You will also receive an Interactive Reader (soft cover) which we will use from time to time. This book is yours to write in and keep. Some assignments will require you to rip out and hand in pages of this book for marking. If you lose it, you will have to pay for another one.

7. Portfolios
Each Student will have a writing portfolio with their name on it kept in the class. This is for storing major assessments and writing assignments. You will need to review the writing that you have done in the course, so keeping this folder organized is very important.

8. Participation Marks
You will receive 50 marks for your participation in class every week. If you come to class on-time and prepared, are attentive and try your best, you will receive all 50 marks each week. This can significantly affect your grade in the end.
Marks are deducted as follows:
· -10 points: Disruption of class / Off-task behaviour
· -10 points: Speaking Spanish (intentionally)
· -10 points: Missing School Supplies
· -10 points: Leaving Trash Behind
· -30 points: Lateness
· -50 points: Excessive Lateness
If your mark goes below 0, it will be deducted from your future scores in the following weeks
Doing any of these things repeatedly will also result in lunch duties and/or detentions.

You may recover all of your participation marks for any given week (+50) if you come to my extra help period afterschool on Monday or Thursday from 3:15 to 4:30. You must arrive on time and work diligently for the entire period.

9. Recuperation
Recuperation is a privilege that I will extend to those who have demonstrated an effort to learn; I will keep daily records of each student’s actions in the class. The right to recuperate a grade on an assignment, project, test, etc. will only be given if the student:
  • Has made an effort the first time to do the best job possible
  • Has attended recuperation sessions with me to review anything they did not understand in class
  • Has participated appropriately in class without excessive disruption, conversation in Spanish, socializing or off-task behaviour
  • Did not hand in the original assignment late or plagiarized