Welcome to Mr. Olsen's Wiki page.

Everything you need to complete English 9 and 10 at GI School is here on my Wiki.


The page will be updated regularly with

  • Summary of Daily Class Activities
  • Assignments for homework
  • Grade Postings
  • Supplementary Materials

When you miss class for any reason, you are responsible for checking the Class Agenda (on the sidebar) to see what we did while you were away and review any notes, videos or other materials.

Assignments will be posted on the Assignments List (sidebar) along with the date it was assigned, the date it was due, the points it is worth, and the standard to which those points apply (reading, writing, speaking/listening, or conventions).

I will work diligently to post the most current grades once per week (see sidebar).

Please read the following Class Expectations. They describe everything you need to know in order to succeed in my class, including my expectations on behaviour, handing in late work, the standards and marks breakdown, and recuperation, among others. I expect you to fully understand these policies and will not accept ignorance as an excuse. Feel free to talk to me at recreos, before or after class, or during recuperation about any questions you might have.

Class Expectations - Please read

Email: danielo@gi.edu.co

Please contact me with any specific questions you have. Please include your full name and your class in the subject line of the email. Thanks!